Manawatu, New Zealand
Lauren Parsons - Workplace Wellbeing Specialist

Lauren Parsons is a Workplace Wellbeing Specialist whose vision is to inspire and educate business leaders to find the sweet spot between wellbeing and productivity, creating positive, energised workplaces, where people thrive.
If you're concerned about poor staff wellbeing, low engagement, absenteeism or staff turnover affecting your organisation's success, Lauren is here to help.

Melbourne, VIC Australia
John Tickell

Keynote Address Speaker on Business, Marketing, Sales and Customer service, Lifestyle and Stress Management Speaker, Corporate Image, Motivational Speaker.

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.
Catherine Palin Brinkworth

Professional keynote speaker for Business and Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, Leadership, Corporate and Personal Image, Lifestyle and Stress Management.

Brisbane, Australia.
Allan Pease

Professional speaker for Business and Marketing, Sales and Customer Service and Corporate and Personal Image.

Auckland New Zealand.
Brian Richards

Professional business keynote speaker on Business Branding, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

Auckland New Zealand.
Cath Vincent | Business Speaker

Keynote business and motivational speaker and trainer. Available for staff training, conferences, team events and corporate events

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