Terms and Conditions

1.Function details

Please outline all details (ie. Location, commencement times, nature of function and any specific requests.) These details are to be logged with our staff and kept up to date as changes arise.


Sound, Lighting and Staging– If the venue does not have the required sound, lighting or stage production required by the performer as specified on the Service Contract page of this agreement, or is not being hired already by the client, Talent Online can organize a company to handle the needs of the function on behalf of the client. It is the client’s responsibility to pay the full fee of any production invoiced by us prior to the event.  If hired by the client contact details of the Production Company used must be forwarded to Talent Online at least one week prior to the performance.

3.Changing Area

In order for the performers to warm up, change and prepare fully for the performance an additional space may be requested if available at the venue including a mirror, adequate lighting and nearby toilet.


The client is required to provide parking spaces as per page one of the Service Contract at or close to the venue. In the event that parking is not provided at the venue the client will be invoiced at a flat rate of $28 – $55 per car – this does not apply if parking is available free of charge.

5.Intra and Intercity / Overseas  performances

Tickets– All airline tickets must be full return economy tickets unless otherwise specified. Alternately, the performers can book their own tickets if the client is able to add the full cost of the tickets and transport to their accommodation along with the deposit. Where the ticket price increases before the deposit arrives the client must pay the difference before tickets are booked.

Accommodation– if required, overnight accommodation is to be provided at or close to the venue as specified function details.

Meals– A crew lunch or dinner is to be provided for each performer where the call is 3 hours or more. If the performers are required to perform outside of their local CBD and overnight accommodation is provided breakfast must be included in their accommodation arrangement. Should the performers be required to leave their home city prior to lunch time in order to meet a flight a flat $25 per performer will be charged to the client to cover the cost of lunch.

Transfers– Transfers between the airport, the accommodation and venue is to be provided by the client in the form of organized transport or taxi vouchers.

Payment before departure – For overseas bookings the performance fee must be received in full (100%) before performers leave the country of origin. If all fees haven’t been received and the performers do not leave the country of origin it will be taken as a cancellation and no refunds will be given for any flight costs, accomodation or deposits made.


No performance or rehearsal shall be recorded, reproduced or transmitted from the place of performance, in any manner or by any means whatsoever, in absence of a specific written agreement with or approved in writing by the artist relating to and permitting such recording, reproduction or transmission. Should the client wish to photograph the performance, permission must be obtained by the performer or the performer’s management company and copies of any footage must be available to Talent Online and/or the performer’s management company upon request. This footage must not be used in any advertising, promotional or public arena with the prior approval of the aforementioned parties.


Talent Online is the duly authorized agent of the Performer. The agency shall not be liable for any default under the agreement or negligent act or omission of either party arising in any way whatsoever from this agreement or any related matter. Talent Online is a booking service only and is not liable for any safety issues in regards to the event. Any queries in regards to safety issues may be discussed directly with the performer. While Talent Online makes every effort to assist the client in choosing an appropriate act for the event, the client is ultimately responsible for the suitability of the performer.

The client will obtain all necessary permits and consents to the conduction of the function and all matters hereto and will comply with all conditions imposed with the granting of any such permit or consent and, in particular will ascertain and satisfy all requirements of the police force as to police supervision during the engagement.

The client will be responsible for satisfying any demands of the Australian and New Zealand Performing Rights Association in relation to any royalties which may be claimed by that body for the music to be used at the performance.


All invoices will be sent via email at the time of confirmation. If the event is more than 30 days from the time of confirmation, a deposit invoice of 50% will be forwarded and must be paid within 5 working days of receiving the contract. The balance must be paid in full 5 working days prior to the date of the function or the client risks the performers not performing and deposit being forfeited. If the event is booked within 30 days, a full invoice will be sent at the time of confirmation. Full payment is to be paid within 5 working days of receipt of invoice.

The client acknowledges that in any case of default of these terms and conditions Talent Online may require the services of outside sources for the purpose of debt collection at the expense of the client.


In the event of cancellation of a confirmed booking or any part thereof 15 to 30 days prior to the event, Talent Online shall be entitled to 50% of the agreed performance fee. Cancellation of a confirmed booking or any part thereof 14 days or less prior to the event, Talent Online shall be entitled to 100% of the agreed performance fee.

The performer may cancel this booking upon less than twenty-eight days notice for reasons of ill health and if requested by the client will produce a certificate from a registered medical practitioner certifying that he or she is unable to perform for reasons of ill health. In any circumstances where the performer cancels the booking any deposit will be refunded to the client.


In the event of postponement of a confirmed booking or any part thereof Cancellation fees shown in Clause “9.Cancellation” are applicable. A new date must be secured within 10 working days of the postponement notice and the new date must be within 3 months of the original event date. Any deposits paid can be used to go towards the new function date as long as the new function date is within 3 months. If prices change between the date of the postponed function and the date of the new function then the new prices shall apply and the clients final invoice will be amended for the difference.


Refunds will be made to a client if a cancellation is made within the proper time frames. Any deposits paid by the client will be refunded less a $350+gst administration cost. For bookings under $1000+gst an administration cost of $250+gst applies. For bookings under $500+gst an administration cost of $150+gst applies.

This constitutes the entire and only agreement either oral or in writing between the parties who have irrevocably agreed and executed this agreement.