Matt Church

Exceptional keynote motivational speaker available for conferences, public and corporate events to talk on Lifestyle, Communications and Stress Management.

Sydney, Australia.

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Based in Sydney, Matt Church is a powerful, informative and entertaining speaker who has the ability to move an audience beyond the cognitive level and encourage them to examine the underlying issues that prevent them from functioning at their peak.  Recognised as one of Australia’s foremost communicators, he is an expert in the areas of health, lifestyle, communication and motivation.

Matt blends an academic background in applied science and human performance to tap into what it is that stops us living the professional and personal lives we deserve.  He allows people to understand the link between what you eat, what you do and how you think.  His tips and strategies have allowed over thousands of audience members to become more effective at work and at play. As a professional speaker and one-on-one consultant Matt has helped people identify what they need to do to balance and juggle the pressures of day-to-day living.  By exploring people’s daily schedules he knows the problems that we – and by default our families and companies – face when stress is up, energy is down, people become problems and you just want to stop the merry-go-round!  Matt has asked literally thousands of people the question:  “What do you do, think and feel from the minute you wake up till you go to bed?”  He then uses this knowledge to plan strategies for advising people how to be more effective and achieve peak performance.
People listen to Matt because he is a master at examining how we can get a little more out of the life we lead.  He doesn’t set unrealistic goals or force change upon his audiences.  They leave Matt’s session informed, entertained and inspired that they can do it!  Matt has produced books, videos and audio tapes on “achieving your personal best”.  Matt uses his scientific background to weave a story of balance and personal excellence.  He focuses on the latest research in human performance and puts it forward with humour and energy.  By understanding how to eat, move and think so they turn on to their own success chemistry, his audiences become more effective in their personal and professional lives.
Knowing how to get the audience’s attention and keep them interested, the ability to sense the mood and energy within the room and interact with the audience to determine the precise time for delivery of the message, are important issues for any speaker.  Matt achieves this by ensuring his presentations are motivating and exciting, without the “hype” that can create unrealistic expectations. 

His philosophy is simple:
 “Change is an inside-out process.  For people to effect change in their lives, they need to challenge their self-limiting beliefs and acquire skills to motivate themselves from within.  It is easy to motivate people eternally and make them feel good, but it can be short-lived.  My preference is to work with an audience and teach people skills they can put into practice on a daily basis.” 

Matt believes that there is nothing more motivating than success. He doesn’t beat up the audience with do’s and don’ts.  He encourages people to strive for their personal best.  He is not evangelical, he’s inspirational! When he gets up on stage he comes from a “there you are” centre rather than “here I am”.  The effect is powerful, the audience is left with the standing ovation … and isn’t that what you really want?


  • Feel Great Again -How to control your body chemistry to turn back the clock and feel uplifted
  • Get More Done – How to become massively productive and get on with it!
  • Fix How You Speak – How to communicate so people listen
  • You Are Smarter Than You Think = How to understand your own unique intelligence and use it to be more successful
  • How The Best Get Better – A personal leadership program for high performers
"You delivered an incredible message. You stayed within our Mission Statement, you adhered to our various requests and made us extremely proud to be associated with you’. - Million Dollar Round Table, New Orleans."
Million Dollar Round Table, New Orleans.
"Thank you for your contribution to our conference. The response has been extremely positive. It was amazing working with you and you help achieve the outcome we were after. "
Austrade, Sydney
"Your presentations were excellent. Related very well with the audience and evaluations have been extremely positive. You were very well prepared."
Local Government Managers Assoc. Sydney
"I can honestly say you delivered the goods. The impact was tremendous. The feedback on the workshop was overwhelming – many labelling it the best they have been on. "
QBE Insurance, N.Z

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