Robin Daubeny - Motivational Keynote Speaker

Outstanding Business Keynote Speaker and Motivational Speaker for conferences and corporate events.

Melbourne, Victoria (VIC) Australia

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Robin Daubeny knows what motivation is all about. As a champion professional cyclist, one of the world’s most demanding sports, he’s lived and breathed it. As an athlete Robin is a former Australian Professional Cycling Champion and for fourteen years was recognised as one of the top professional cyclists in Australia. During his twenty-five year career with National Mutual/AXA Robin established himself as a legend in the financial services industry.

He established records in sales and sales management that are unlikely to be broken.  He started three sales teams from scratch and took over two poorly performing teams and lead each team to be the top in Australia.
Robin’s uncanny ability to motivate people has resulted in him becoming one of Australia’s most sought after speakers. This special ability saw him shape the career of Australia’s champion cyclist Danny Clarke and make Mark “Jacko” Jackson a household name in Australia.  Based on his own successful recipe of maintaining a positive attitude, hard work and self-discipline, Robin’s presentations are both captivating and motivational.
In 2004 Robin was invited to speak at the world’s largest sales convention in Los Angeles, with 6,000 attendees from 64 nations.  Robin is only the fourth Australian to be invited.  He has spoken at conventions with the likes of Colin Powell and Richard Branson.
In 2006 he released his very successful book “Sales Success, It’s all in the mind”.  Plans are now underway for a second re-print.


  • Productivity and team performance
  • Attitude and motivation
  • Marketing and sales
  • Goal setting and business planning
  • Time management and organisation
  • Master of Ceremonies

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