Bob Ansett

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Queensland, Australia.

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Business entrepreneur and best-selling author, Bob Ansett needs little introduction.

The story of how he built Budget Rent a Car from scratch into a multi-million dollar international business – only to be overtaken by a financial crisis – has been well documented in his two best selling books. “Bob Ansett- An Autobiography” and “The Customer”.

He is much sought after on the public speaking circuit right around Australia. Bob has first-hand top-level experience in a variety of fields. In many areas of management and customer relations he pioneered new approaches to established procedures.

As the former president of the North Melbourne Football Club, Bob knows full well the importance of a positive “can do” attitude. And not just in football. “If there’s any one message I have, it is simply to remain optimistic. Whatever we do, be it in business, sport or our personal lives, if we remain optimistic – be positive and have an expectant attitude – then things will work out. We can change things and we can overcome enormous adversity if we remain optimistic.”

But Bob has far more than just this one message. Couple optimism with knowledge and experience and you have the ingredients for success – both personally and in business.

And Bob Ansett will show you how when he shares the experiences he gained during more than 25 years as a business entrepreneur.

Bob is available for Corporate, Conference and after dinner speaking engagements. With an entertaining and informative approach, Bob draws from a wealth of business and sporting experience to provide advice, insights, anecdotes and new approaches to all facets of human endeavour.

He has given more than two thousand speeches on subjects such as: Customer Service, Leadership, Motivation, Franchising, Selling, Management, Marketing, and Football.

"Bob Ansett's presence has certainly created a great deal of discussion and the value of his presentation will, I'm sure, be felt for a long time to come."
Don Campbell, GM - The Norwich Group- Aviva
"It was a predictably fabulous address, and certainly refreshing for somebody to use the forum to challenge the advertising industry that packages everything professionally except itself."
Alan Tobin, MD - Ideal Marketing
"Bob adapted his delivery to suit the group, which was WMC, and the overall Saturday session. A very special and honest discussion which has stayed with individuals throughout the course."
Judy Kent - Deakin Australia
"Your addresses on managing change and using your best sales tool - your team to develop a culture of customer satisfaction were enlightening and informative and according to our survey were ranked the most relevent presentations for our delegates."
Peter Busfield, Executive Director - Marine Industry Association

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