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Nova Hollandia Jousting Knights in Shining Armour
Japanese Samurai and European Mounted Knights available. Ideal hire for corporate staff and business parties, theme nights, promotions, festivals, wedding ceremonies, as a Guard of Honour, Film and Television productions and even school shows.
Based Sydney and Newcastle, New South Wales (NSW), Australia
Available throughout Australia and New Zealand.
For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 +61 2 8006 4507

Chivalry is alive and well in Australia!

These superb performers have a lengthy background as professional jousters, educators and one as a Stunt Artist for Film and Television internationally. They've produced this unique show for use in a wide range of social occasions. From corporate themed events through to a truly breath- taking arrival for the bride and groom at their wedding ceremony or reception.

Festival and Easter show displays
Highly skilled in the art of weaponry from the Medieval through to Elizabethan eras the Nova Hollandia Knights can offer sword fighting, mounted melee, skill at arms as well as spear and lance skill displays.
Skill at arms show 30 minutes
Jousting display 30 minutes

Jousting Tournaments
Dress your guests in either Medieval era clothes (think King Arthur, the Lady of Shalot, Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood, The Crusades...) or Elizabethan era (Elizabeth the first, King Henry VIII, Black Adder, Shakespeare...) and bring them in for a fully themed day or night of fun.

Divide your guests into groups so they can cheer for their own knight of the realm.

With a scarf from the lady of the court (your most important lady guest or hostess) they're off at a gallop, plummeting towards each other with those huge jousting lances aimed at the chest.

You'll be surprised how little room they need to perform... about 60 metres length by 10 metres across the jousting area. Guests can stand behind a cordoned barrier about 10 metres away down the full length of the jousting field so they can feel the ground shake as the horses gallop by, visualise themselves in the place of those brave knights and watch the jousting lances splinter on impact. It's a truly thrilling experience!

Have a pair of mounted knights line up in a guard of honour as you and your love arrive at the reception ('bet your guests haven't seen that one before!) or make a grand medieval entrance on horseback protected by a knight escort on each of your horses.

Sword play, Stunt fighting and Jousting for Film and Television Productions
Our Nova Hollandia knights are well used to working on film sets. You can discuss with them directly your needs and requirements.
Available on a day hire rate.

Japanese themed events
The Nova Hollandia Knights have imported their own original antique Samurai suits of armour and are building replicas to use for displays and shows. The suits of armour are also available as display items for exhibition. They can offer a demonstrations in traditional Japanese horse archery and mounted martial arts skill.

School shows
Our Nova Hollandia knights have had much national exposure through Australia's schools previously with a show on Dinosaurs.
Educational shows - Being well familiar in educational history relating to children means they can offer informative and educational shows on the weapons and skills of the Medieval Knight and his Squire.
Duration 60 minutes including question and answer session.
School Fetes and Fundraisers - Why not have a jousting tournament at your next school event?

Our Knights Andrew Beattie and/or Justin Holland have either competed or performed at the following events.
  • Kryal Castle, Melbourne

  • Abbey Medieval Faire 2005

  • New Zealand Championships 06

  • Great Lakes Tournament, New Zealand

  • Gosford Medieval Festival 04 & 05

  • Brisbane Medieval Faire

  • Sydney Medieval Faire

  • Melbourne Medieval Faire and Tournament

  • Ballarat Medieval Fair

  • Alice Springs Show 05

  • Katherine Show 05

  • Darwin Royal 05

  • Wagga Horse Festival 06

  • Newcastle Women’s Safehouse Fund Raiser 05

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Nova Hollandia Jousting Knights, mounted knights, knights in shining armour, sword fighting displays, stunt horse riding displays, jousting tournaments for festivals and corporate events. www.talentonline.com.au/jousting-knights-australia
For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 +61 2 8006 4507