Bouncing Bouncers, Sydney

A delightful duo or trio of roving Bouncers with attitude mounted on bouncy stilts to make them even more attention grabbing. Fabulous for outdoor events, for meet and greet characters, roving for corporate events, Hollywood or Oscars Awards or Studio 54 theme nights and many other corporate or private parties, functions and events.

Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia

Booking Details

Take a different view of your security. Whether you’re setting up a nightclub, you are a nightclub or you want to make your guests feel like stars (or sneaky gatecrashers) these boys will be on the job to make sure everyone has a good time.

Use the bouncers on stilts for 1 or 2 x 45 minute sets in which they rove through your function or man the gates as guests arrive. At different places through the course of their journey, they display their muscle building poses – “the Arny” – Forward Thrust and the Buns of Steel!

At times these poses are taught to the public. Plenty of crowd interaction and audience participation gives you happy guests before they’ve even walked in the door. Just make sure you’re behaving yourself while they’re around!

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