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Desert Jewels Middle Eastern Belly Dancers, Egyptian & Snake Dancers
Dazzling Belly dance shows as a solo feature spot or stage show using 2-30 dancers and musicians. Great entertainment for festivals, theatre tours, stag and hen party drop-ins, Ethnic themed events, product launches, conference dinners, clubs, cabaret, children's parties (Magic Genie), private or corporate functions and events.
Based Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) and Melbourne, Victoria (VIC) Australia.
Available internationally.
For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 +61 2 8006 4507

Floor shows

Desert Jewels are pleased to offer you soloists for hen and stag parties, restaurants, themed events, private or corporate functions.

Alternately they can provide a stage show with the trio of principal dancers (Shiva, Daria and Jane) or a full compliment of musicians and dancers. Each show will enthral, engage and entertain any target audience designed to blend in a mystical story line which incorporates a vast array of skills including lightning sword play, colourful veil work, fast spinning stick technique and above all, a mastery of dance talent that fuses with styles such as Raks Sharki, Gypsy, Flamenco, Latin and even Bollywood.

Floor shows range from 10 to 90 minutes. Most feature spots clients prefer are around 10-15 minutes which can be used as a warmer before the dance band kicks in or as a focus puller before a speech or award.

With high class glamorous designer costumes and choreographies you will be dazzled and mesmerized ensuring an unforgettable event for all your guests.

The tools we use

Veils create a sheer covering as they are effortlessly swayed from side to side, bringing an illusion of cloudless colour. Canes are traditionally used in folkloric dances. Desert Jewels can incorporate both styles to create am amazing show of speed and strength.

The mysterious and sensual sword dance (by male or female) follows the tune of enchanting snake like music. With a combination of body isolation and balance this is one of the hardest dances, requiring concentration and muscle control.

Arabian daggers, a dangerous and sensual item, follow the sword in their mystery. Often used to tell stories the daggers are a reminder of desert warfare and ancient traditions. It is a strong dance performed by men and is still worn on the hip in Arabia as a sign of Bedouin heritage.

Drum solos usually feature as well which guarantee to lift the spirits of the audience.
Candelabra as a headdress on a gently swaying female dancer can be a beautiful way to lead a bride down the isle or herald the arrival of a birthday cake or Guest of Honour at a party.

Snake Dancing

Snake dancers always enthral an audience. The slow, trance-like rhythms of the music as a large python is draped around a stunning body cannot fail to get attention.

If if pleases you, we are happy to bring our snakes out to meet you and your guests after our stage show. Ask us for our hourly rates - there's no minimum callout fees as we are already there.

Snake dancing can easily be incorporated into a variety of themed events including African, Egyptian, 1001 nights, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves or Alladin and the Lamp.

Male Belly Dancers

Middle Eastern dancing does not and did not entirely confine itself to the closed doors of the Harem. Men in the Middle East still perform this art form. Although not in the public, it is seen in private gatherings (eg- weddings and celebrations).

Contrary to popular belief, men have been dancing as long as women and at many stages of history were given the rights to perform.

Ottoman Turkey saw the height of male dancers' popularity. Royal courts forbade women to perform and would only allow males to carry out the art form. Egypt then saw the rise of religion and restricted the dance to such an extent that women were beheaded for dancing in public.

When the West was first introduced to Belly dance through the act of 'little Egypt' it was noted by journalists the skills of the male dancers far overshadowed those of their female counterparts. However, due to the West's conservative attitudes it was best thought that men not perform and were therefore restricted, just as the East had done in earlier days to women.

In light of this Men have continued to dance and take equal ownership of this, one of the world's oldest dance forms.

Hens Parties

Why not have one of our female dancers drop in to your Hens Night? She can bring a box of gear for the girls to dress in, demonstrate and then teach some of the moves along with a few games to get the party started.

Desert Jewel's high voltage shows offer a unique, exciting and explosive balance between the male and female relationship. Desert Jewels Belly Dance troupe are available locally and internationally for one night events and multi-venue tours

Shiva, our rare and exceptionally talented male dancer - often stated and one of the world's best professional male dancers in this area. www.talentonline.com.au/dance-shows/desert-jewels-belly-dancers.html
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Sword dancing or sword balancing is a difficult featured dance in our Belly dancing floor shows. www.talentonline.com.au
Candelabra dancers, flame performers, fire dancers, arabian dance or middle eastern shows. www.talentonline.com.au/dance-shows/desert-jewels-belly-dancers.html
Snake dancing and snake shows for African, Egyptian, Alladin and Arabian Nights themed events. www.talentonline.com.au
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Desert Jewels stars three of
Australia's top Belly Dancers.
Shiva, Sydney's sole Oriental and Middle Eastern dancer. www.talentonline.com.au
Daria, professional belly dancer, principal snake dancer avaiable for large and small scale events. www.talentonline.com.au
Jane, belly dancer and snake dancer for private parties, restaurants and corporate functions. www.talentonline.com.au
Snake handling dancers or snake dancing is not common in Australia. www.talentonline.com.au
Dancing with the python
Daria, belly dancer for theatre and corporate events as well as being a favourite at Children's Parties. www.talentonline.com.au
Veil dancing is a beautiful feature
of our shows.
For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 +61 2 8006 4507