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Fortune Tellers and Aura Readings
Professional Aura photography.Great fun for Small group parties, hen's nights, birthday parties, private and corporate functions and events.
Based Auckland New Zealand.
Available locally
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See your beauty reflected in colour! Have your photograph spiritually analysed.

Entertainment for Small Groups

This is great for Hen’s nights or something different and fun for a work get-together. They will come to your venue and they offer Aura readings with photo for each participant.
What is Aura Photography?

Aura photography is a visual image of how we are functioning.
The hand-shaped plates are sophisticated sensors. They measure your electromagnetic field, based on the Ayurvedic (acupressure points on the hand) system of meridians.

The camera codes the energy readings into frequencies (which correspond to certain colours) and processes the image. A computer sorts the information and prints the Aura Photograph.
These measurements are expressed as vibrational levels which a computer chip turns into their relevant colours. A data cable from the sensor takes the information to the camera which takes a double exposure (your image plus superimposing of colours collected from the sensors).

This amazing photograph of all the collected data superimposed on the image is the Aura photo. Through the use of this remarkable technology, we gain a deeper insight into our emotional and mental states; healing and spiritual well-being. Thus we are now able to give a more accurate reading of the Aura based on the colours that are photographed.

The colour interpretations are universal in meaning. Our experienced reader takes the photo and interprets the particles of colours based upon their placement on the photo.

This Camera produces a mirror image of your aura. The Future is seen on the photo to the right, the Present is above the body, and the Past is on the left. Most of the cycles of our goals and desires shift every six months.
 As you can see, an aura has several layers.
• 1st layer is INDIGO (intuitive, leadership capabilities)
• 2nd layer is MAGENTA (non-conformists, innovated, strong-willed)
• 3rd layer is BLUE (communication, loyalty, honest)

Why not have some fun with your guests, friends and fellow staff members? The Aura readings are suitable for small groups and can come to your venue, where ever you are in Auckland.

Ideal for
- Hen's parties
- Engagement parties
- Birthday parties
- Staff work parties
- Cocktail events
- As part of a mix of New Age themed entertainers
- Any function where you have time for your guests to sit for a while as readings do take minimum 10-15 minutes.

Here's an Example:
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For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 +64 9 636 1469